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What is Tummy Tuck?

This is one of the best procedures, which is used to reshape and firm up the abdominal area. This surgery is also known as abdominoplasty surgery in which removing of unwanted fat and skin from the lower abdominal area include. Mainly, this surgery is performed on those people who have abdominal fat which do not seem to respond to diet and exercises.

A number of factors contribute to an unflattering waistline or an unattractive tummy. Weight gain is, of course, the primary culprit. Dieting and exercise can eliminate some fat; however, if the fat has stretched the abdominal skin or caused new skin to grow, no amount of exercise can remove it. Even if a person lives healthy and loses large amounts of fat, he or she might not return to his or her previous appearance.

If you have excess fat and skin around your belly, this procedure can help you tighten up those abdominal muscles for a slimmer profile. This technique (also known as an abdominoplasty), is a surgical procedure that is particularly suitable for people who have flabby skin around the belly that has lost its elasticity following pregnancy or extreme weight loss. Most of the time tummy tucks are performed in a hospital, but sometimes it is possible to have the procedure done as an outpatient at an accredited outpatient surgical center.

What to Expect - Abdominoplasty Results

An abdominoplasty takes two to five hours and can be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction and breast augmentation. It is typically performed under general anesthesia and leaves visible scars that can be covered by clothing.

Every surgery is different, and it is impossible to perfectly predict how you will look after your surgery. Your results will be unique. Even if a friend or someone you know has achieved a certain result by going to a certain surgeon, it doesn't necessarily follow that your results will be identical. If you are realistic about the results that you can obtain from an abdominoplasty, you will have a much better chance of having a successful and fulfilling outcome.

A lot of people worry that their results will disappear. Abdominoplasty results are typically permanent unless something happens to change them. Severe weight gain or pregnancy in women could cause old problems to reappear or new problems to develop. Some changes will occur with age, but this is the case with any part of the body, whether or not it has been surgically altered.

The best way to maintain the results from this procedure is to keep an active lifestyle and to maintain a healthy diet. If you do this, then you will enjoy the benefits of your surgery for a very long time!

Just like with any plastic or cosmetic procedure, patients must maintain realistic expectations about the possibilities from their surgery. The more realistic the patient is, the more chances he or she has for a successful outcome.

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